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“Changed my life! I suffered from almost daily headaches due to a car accident over a decade ago.  With some intense therapy, followed up by regular maintenance visits, I almost forget what a headache and neck pain feel like. I can enjoy the physically active lifestyle I had once again.”

Jim, Bedford.

Do I need a referral?

No. While we see many patients in the clinic referred from their medical doctors, a referral is not necessary. Similar to a dentist, chiropractors are primary health care providers, able to evaluate and diagnose issues on their own.


Is chiropractic safe?


That's a bit of a loaded question! The simple answer is yes. Multiple research studies have shown the different treatment modalities we use to offer safe and effective help for muscle, joint and nerve problems.


Everyone has heard stories about chiropractic manipulations causing injury, but the most recent and best available evidence tells us the vast majority of “chiropractic side effects” are minor soreness or stiffness related to hands on treatments. Those severe stories are likely problems that started before ever seeing the chiropractor and were likely progressing on their own.

Does treatment hurt?

No, our goal is to always have people leaving the clinic feeling better than they did on the way in.  That said, in some cases, becasue the areas in need of treatment can be quite tender there can be some discomfort in treating them.  We can adjust the intensity of treatments to minimize any discomfort, but sometimes that equates with slower results.  The goal is to find a balance with minimal discomfort and maximum results.


How long do chiropractors go to school?


Professional chiropractors take seven years of post secondary education This includes four years of chiropractic college, with 4,300 hours of contact time and 1,500 clinic hours. A chiropractic degree is comparable to dentistry.


Does insurance cover cost of care?


Yes. The majority of private health plans cover chiropractic care similar to dental coverage. Chiropractic care is not covered by provincial health insurance in Nova Scotia.


I've heard some chiropractors claim to treat or cure a wide range of diseases - is that accurate?


Traditional chiropractic was based on the idea that treating the spine could effect all the nerves and in-turn affect many different internal organs and diseases.  While there have been some interesting anecdotal reports about these different treatments they have not stood up to the challenge of scientific scrutiny.

To quote Carl Sagan "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence", and we don't see adequate evidence to promote those treatments.

Our goal at Bedford Chiropractic is to provide sound evidence based treatments, and our focus is on the joints, nerves and muscles throughout the body, especially the spine.  In our view chiropractors are non-surgical spine care specialists.


What is the best treatment?


That question has no simple answer, the ideal treatment for any particular problem is really based on the individual problem and person. We do know for “uncomplicated” low back pain the first three research-based recommendations are to stay active, try over the counter medications and spinal manipulation.


In our clinic we try to combine several well recognized and researched treatment modalities together for the fastest resolution - activity and exercise, soft tissue massage, and manipulation/mobilization, in addition to other therapies where appropriate (Kinesotape, Graston, Rehabilitation, US/IFC)