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"I am extremely pleased with the great service I received from Bedford Chiropractic. They went above and beyond to determine the cause of my pain and got me up and running in no time." 

Brad, Halifax
People experiencing pain are naturally anxious to start feeling better and to resume their normal activities. Many people don't know what to expect when seeing a chiropractor or massage therapist. This page is here to help you learn more about the process. These Frequently Asked Questions might help, or just read though the information below.

At Bedford Chiropractic, we provide a relaxed atmosphere and help you achieve your health goals through a comfortable process. This includes consultation, diagnosis and a variety of treatment options to get you back in shape and feeling well again.

As our patient, you are entitled to have the following things explained:
• What is the problem?
• What is the recommended treatment and options?
• What is the prognosis with (or without) treatment?
• Answers to any other questions you have.

Patient Responsibilities
Keep scheduled appointments.
• Inform the doctor of your current health status.
• Keep your financial account paid on a regular basis.
• Follow home exercises and preventative advice.

Understanding the diagnostic process.

The cornerstone of effective treatment is to start with an accurate diagnosis. While that may seem like a simple concept, it can be quite challenging. Despite major advances in imaging technology (digital Xray, CT scan, MRI), we still can't see “what hurts”. In fact research tells us that rushing off for imaging studies can actually be counter-productive.

The goals of the diagnostic process are to identify the source of the pain and the underlying problem while ruling out possible serious conditions. The right diagnosis helps to determine what caused the problem, what can be done to avoid the pain, the preferred treatment options and estimate the prognosis. Diagnosis is developed through a thorough history and a physical examination including orthopaedic, neurological and functional evaluation.

First Visit - Chiropractor

You will start by filling out some forms on your medical history, current issues and other problems. This gives us a starting point to understand your problem and any complicating factors like prior surgeries, pre-existing condition or diseases.

You will then sit down, one-on-one, with the chiropractor for a detailed evaluation. Figuring out the details of the complaint, such as: When did your pain first start? What does the pain feel like? How does it affect you? What aggravates or relieves the pain? As well as searching for any signs of serious problems.

With the completed initial history in hand, Dr. Bodnar can perform a physical exam, looking for the underlying cause of the problem. The examination typically includes postural evaluation, range of motion tests, resisted movements, orthopaedic tests, neurological examination and functional tests.

Ideally the information from the interview and examination will lead us to a working diagnosis. We may choose to order some additional tests (direct referral to the hospital if Xrays are required, or through your family doctor for other tests).

Based on the diagnosis, Dr. Bodnar will try to explain what is wrong, why it happened, treatment options that may help resolve the problem and ways to keep the problem from returning in the future.

If you are comfortable with the treatment options, we typically include some treatment as part of the initial visit. We like to see patients leaving the office in less pain!

How long until it feels better?

Again, everything is very individualized, but a good ball park for a simple problem is 50% improvement within 2 weeks, longer for more complex issues.

Do I have to keep going forever?

The simple answer is NO. You are free to choose your own care. We do not sell pre-paid treatment plans or require you to commit to prolonged care. Our goal is to get rid of the pain and help you learn how to keep it away.

Treatment is usually broken into a couple different segments.

Acute care – more frequent initial treatments and exercises designed to get you out of pain – may last a few weeks

Rehabilitative care – reduced treatment frequency as the problem is healing and exercises are starting to help stabilize the area

Supportive or Maintenance care – infrequent care help keep the problems from returning.

Ideally we can find the right exercises and ways to avoid re-aggravating the problem so that ongoing treatments can be minimized; but not everyone is able to do all their exercises or get away from all the aggravating factors. For some infrequent treatments are an effective way to keep recurrent or chronic problems at bay.

You are free to choose you own care. Regular treatments, supportive care for a recurrent complaint or acute care for an injury. Of course most patients are advised on appropriate exercises and injury avoidance. We can suggest options based on clinical experience but it is up to you as a patient to decide how to manage your own health.

What if I don't feel comfortable with the treatment?

You will always have the choice to accept or decline any examination or treatment procedure. We can only recommend what we think will work based on the exam finding. It is up to you, the patient, to choose the path right for you.

Patient comfort is a high priority. Treatment pain or discomfort is seldom necessary. We ask you to keep us informed of any changes needed to improve your comfort.

What clothes are required?

We provide clinical gowns for your examination or you can wear your own loose fitting clothing.

What other services do you provide?

We also provide limited nutritional, lifestyle and health counselling where needed.

Bedford Chiropractic, based in Bedford, Nova Scotia,  offers full-service consultations, diagnosis and treatment plans for a variety of workplace and repetitive injuries that create pain to the head, neck, jaw, arm , shoulders, upper body, chest, lower back, legs and feet.  Contact us today 835-6865. We serve Halifax Regional Municipality, including Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville and surrounding areas.  


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