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“Changed my life! I suffered from almost daily headaches due to a car accident over a decade ago.  With some intense therapy, followed up by regular maintenance visits, I almost forget what a headache and neck pain feel like. I can enjoy the physically active lifestyle I had once again.”

Jim, Bedford.

Whiplash is an injury of the neck and upper back, often associated with car accidents. The forceful “whip” action from an sudden stop or change of direction is magnified by the weight of the head balanced at the end of the neck, forcing the neck past it's normal range of motion.

• Symptoms can include neck and upper back pain, arm pain/numbness, headaches, jaw pain and shoulder problems

• Injuries have huge range of severity – often including a combination of different injuries

• Typically associated with motor vehicle accidents but also, also can result from a fall, sports injury or other activity

• Early treatment can help reduce the risk of developing chronic problems


Treatment always needs to start with an appropriate diagnosis.

Treatments should focus on the underlying cause of the pain - both the tissue causing the pain as well as the factors that are triggering the problem.  A combination of treatments, such as, massage, soft tissue treatments (Graston), manipulation/mobilization and/or home stretching exercises can be effective ways to reduce the tissue irritation.

We identify any aggravating factors and help you to manage any issues through a program of self-care and prevention.

For a clinical assessment of your lower back pain, the triggers and best treatment options, please contact Bedford Chiropractic for an appointment.

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