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“I spent six months attending regular physiotherapy with limited improvement. After only four chiropractic treatments, I am totally pain free. Fabulous.

Mary,  Halifax.


Headaches are quite common, especially in women.  Current estimates suggest that 27% of women and 14% of men suffer from severe headaches. 90% of headaches pose no imminent danger (other than ongoing pain and disability) to the headache sufferer but a small percentage of headaches are of a more sinister nature (with an underlying disease or illness). Severe or chronic headaches rob your enjoyment of life and can be dihibilatating, affecting your efforts to concentrate, calculate and think clearly. 


Common headaches can be groups into these categories, with associated symptoms:


Migraine headaches


• typically throbbing pain in one or both eyes
• pain level can be extreme
• may also include some visual disturbance (blurring, tunnel vision, sparkles)

Tension headaches


• dull pain or pressure typically across the forehead and temples

Cervicogenic headaches


• defined as headache pain that originates from the neck
• can develop from muscle, joint or nerve irritation
• often dull aching pain can be in the back of the skull, forehead and/or temples but can be sharper



Treatment always needs to start with an appropriate diagnosis.

Treatments should focus on the underlying cause of the pain - both the tissue causing the pain as well as the factors that are triggering the problem.  A combination of treatments, such as, massage, soft tissue treatments (Graston), manipulation/mobilization and/or home stretching exercises can be effective ways to reduce the tissue irritation.

We identify any aggravating factors and help you to manage any issues through a program of self-care and prevention.

For a clinical assessment of your lower back pain, the triggers and best treatment options, please contact Bedford Chiropractic for an appointment.

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