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"I am extremely pleased with the great service I received from Bedford Chiropractic. They went above and beyond to determine the cause of my pain and got me up and running in no time." 

Brad, Halifax

Treatment typically offers excellent short term pain relief, but long term management reuires more effort.

Keeping the pain away, especially for chronic or recurrent problems, can be more challenging.
First, properly resolving the original problem.  Problems often re-occur when the underlying injury is not actually resolved.
Second, exercise.  Strengthening the injured area can help minimize the risk of relapse.
Third, avoiding re-injury.  With improved ergonomics, better lifting techniques and avoiding inury you can minimize the risks.
And last, infrequent care to address any minor flare-ups before they turn into bigger problems.

Ideally an exercise program should be designed based on the individual areas of weakness or imbalance, strength & endurance, coordination and balance.

We are building a library of articles, many written by Dr. Bodnar over the years for a local newspaper plus we are working to develop some instructional videos that will help show the exercises more effectively.

The articles and exercises are not a substitute for a proper diagnosis, and are available as an adjunct to proper care to help people learn how to take better care of themselves and reduce the risk of injury.
Disclaimer–Please consult an appropriate health care practitioner before starting any exercise program



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Much of our understanding on how the spine works, or more importantly how it breaks down, is based on the research of Dr. Stuart McGill.
This video shows Dr. McGill explaining some of the research and basic exercises that train to core muscles in a "safer" way.

Train the Core the Right Way Dr. Mc Gill 

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         Strengthening & Conditioning

Bedford Chiropractic, based in Bedford, Nova Scotia,  offers full-service consultations, diagnosis and treatment plans for a variety of workplace and repetitive injuries that create pain to the head, neck, jaw, arm , shoulders, upper body, chest, lower back, legs and feet.  Contact us today 835-6865. We serve Halifax Regional Municipality, including Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville and surrounding areas.