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“Two months of physio, massage and osteopathy did very little to help me with the pain from my injury. Just one session with Dr. Bodnar and the pain was greatly reduced.”

Natalie, Dartmouth.
Although not as common as lower back problems, when it does occur pain in the upper back can be a source of serious discomfort and affect mobility.

Midback and chest pain can develop as a result of an injury or as a referral from an internal organ problem. Initial focus is to rule it is possible organ problems. Problems with the gallbladder, kidneys or intestines can refer pain into the back. Lung and heart problems can cause chest pain.

More commonly the problems stem from the muscles, ribs, nerves and spinal joints in the area.

  • muscle strain or myofascial irritation
  • muscle pain can be dull or sharp
  • often aggravated with active movements
  • possible in any of the muscles around the upper back, chest or even between the ribs

Rib joint "sprain"

  • often pain under the shoulder blade and/or into the chest
  • frequently feel pain with deep breaths
  • very common

Spinal facet joint "sprain"

  • typically sore more centrally
  • can be sharp or dull pain
  • often aggravated with different movements

Nerve "pinch"
Nerves travel around the chest between ribs, and depending on the location of the injury pain can also refer into the shoulder, arm, neck, abdomen or lower back.


Treatment always needs to start with an appropriate diagnosis.

Treatments should focus on the underlying cause of the pain - both the tissue causing the pain as well as the factors that are triggering the problem.  A combination of treatments, such as, massage, soft tissue treatments (Graston), manipulation/mobilization and/or home stretching exercises can be effective ways to reduce the tissue irritation.

We identify any aggravating factors and help you to manage any issues through a program of self-care and prevention.

For a clinical assessment of your lower back pain, the triggers and best treatment options, please contact Bedford Chiropractic for an appointment.


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