COVID-19 Update

We are providing treatment for acute conditions or to minimize flare-ups of ongoing problems”  
to “As per order of the Medical Officer of Nova Scotia we are only providing care to patients in need of Emergency or Urgent care.  If your situation is not Urgent or an Emergency we may be able to offer some assistance through teleconferencing
We are following Public Health recommendations regarding COVID-19 to minimize risks by cleaning everything between patient sessions, minimizing contact between patients by going straight into treatment rooms and closing off waiting area.  Of course we ask that people who have traveled internationally or who have symptoms suggestive of viral infection to stay home or contact 811 as appropriate.
We'll do what we can to help people manage during these challenging times.

Thank you for your understanding,

Dr. Mark Bodnar

Life doesn't have to be a pain

Living with chronic, recurrent or severe back pain, neck pain, headaches and the after-effects of whiplash or sports injuries is no fun. It can have a debilitating effect on your life, making each day a chore and forcing you to give up enjoyable activities. Imagine being out of pain, what could you do?

At Bedford Chiropractic our goal is to find out what is causing your pain, help you correct it and show you how to maintain a healthy pain-free lifestyle.

We teach our patients how to safely resume their activities with a better understanding of what causes pain, how to avoid it and when to seek treatment. Our goal is to make people as self-sufficient as possible using rehabilitation and home exercises. We offer treatment options when required.



"I am extremely pleased with the great service I received from Bedford Chiropractic. They went above and beyond to determine the cause of my pain and got me up and running in no time." 

Brad, Halifax


Learn how to maintain a healthy pain-free lifestyle with these exercise videos

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