First Visit - Chiropractor

At Bedford Chiropractic, we provide a relaxed atmosphere and help you achieve your health goals through a comfortable process. This includes consultation, diagnosis and a variety of treatment options to get you back in shape and feeling well again.

What to Expect:

Medical History:
You will start by filling out some forms on your medical history, current issues and other problems. This gives us a starting point to understand your problem and any complicating factors like prior surgeries, pre-existing condition or diseases.

One-on-One Consultation:  With your medical history in hand Dr. Bodnar will perform a detailed evaluation. He will focus on the details of your complaint, such as: When did your pain first start? What does the pain feel like? How does it affect you? What aggravates or relieves your pain? Dr. Bodnar will also review your health history, searching for any signs of more serious problems.

Physical Exam: Next Dr. Bodnar will perform a physical exam, looking for the underlying cause of the problems. The examination typically includes postural evaluation, range of motion tests, resisted movements, orthopedic tests, neurological examination and functional tests.

Ideally the information from the interview and examination will lead us to a working diagnosis. We may choose to order some additional tests, either with a direct referral if X-rays are required, or through your family doctor for other diagnostic tests.

Recommended Treatment Options: Based on the diagnosis, Dr. Bodnar will discuss treatment options that may help resolve the problem and discuss strategies to keep the problem from returning in the future. As the patient you have a right to informed consent, specifically understanding the benefits, risks and alternate treatment options available. We want you to understand and be comfortable with your choices. Questions are always welcome.

If you are comfortable with the treatment options, we typically include some treatment as part of the initial visit. We like to see patients leaving the office in less pain!

Patient Responsibilities:

  • Keep your scheduled appointments.
  • Inform the doctor of your current health status.
  • Keep your financial account paid on a regular basis.
  • Follow the home exercises and preventative advice.
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