The simple answer is NO. You are free to choose your own care. We do not sell pre-paid treatment plans or require you to commit to prolonged care. Our goal is to resolve the pain and help you learn how to keep it away.

Treatment is usually broken into a few different stages.
  • Acute care – more frequent initial treatments and exercises designed to get you out of pain – may last a few weeks.
  • Rehabilitative care – a reduced treatment frequency as the problem is healing and exercises are starting to help stabilize the area.
  • Supportive or Maintenance care – infrequent care to help keep the problems from returning.

Ideally we can find the right combination of exercises and strategies to help you avoid re-aggravating the problem, minimizing the need for ongoing treatments; but not everyone is able to do all their exercises or avoid all aggravating factors. For some patients infrequent treatments are an effective way to keep recurrent or chronic problems at bay.

You are free to choose you own care. Regular treatments, supportive care for a recurrent complaint or acute care for an injury. We can suggest options based on our clinical experience, but it is up to you as the patient to decide how to manage your own health.